Air mattresses are really dominating the market as of today. Because of its popularity as well as efficiency, it is no doubt one of the widely searched necessities at home. People find the need to own at least one air mattress for the purpose of either a permanent bed in bedrooms or for temporary use, like in guestrooms or even during vacation trips. Users want to purchase the best, so they tend to look over the internet for assurance.

Due to countless air mattresses available, consumers are confused as to which really is the best and most suitable for their needs. Fortunately, internet is available which provides us millions of information we are looking for in just a jiffy. Aside from academic information, product and establishment reviews also dominate internet’s database. Website owners do post reviews to help customers decide on which restaurant and hotel to look for or which product to buy. One of the most researched topics is air mattress review.

best air mattress

Air mattress reviews have saved time and effort of millions of buyers. All they had to is to surf the internet, look for the best air mattress suitable for them, and purchase it either at department stores or even online. Some of the most reliable air mattress review sites include the following:


Amazon is widely known because it is a famous online store. It has gained reputation over the years for a continuous and efficient service that satisfy their customers. Almost all necessary products are available at their online store, and air mattresses are included. There is a long stretch of different brands of air mattress in Amazon. The good thing is that, it provides pretty all of the information we are looking for – prices, sizes, material used, instructions, reviews and feedback. Reviews often come with pros and cons, which is a good thing especially if you love comparison. Also, verified buyers leave comments or feedbacks which other consumers find very useful. Some of the top reviewed air mattresses include Intex Raised Airbed, Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress, Serta Raise Air Mattress and Lazery Sleep Air Mattress.

Choose Mattress

What’s very impressive about Choose Mattress is that they provide very detailed information about the key points you need to note before buying an air mattress. From information about usage, thickness, and material used – everything is available in this site. Also, the best air mattresses in the market are looked into detail and are compared with each other. The top 10 best air mattresses are listed down and are compared according to height, sizes, pump-type and ratings. Aside from airbeds, all other forms of mattresses are also reviewed and available such as foam, latex and inner springs. In any case, some of the top rated air mattresses in Choose Mattress include SoundAsleep – Dream Series, Serta – Never Flat, Coleman Air Bed and AeroBed Classic.

The Sleep Judge

The Sleep Judge, just like any other review sites, contains sufficient information about the product being reviewed. But, what makes it so special is that it doesn’t only give reviews, it also provides tips on which is the suitable air mattress for your needs as well as the top airbeds in certain categories. For example, you are looking for camping airbeds. The Sleep Judge will provide you with the best camping airbeds available in the market. And it will give you key points to compare and be able to decide which one fits your standards. It also offers tips for proper care as well as for repair in case of malfunction. The top air mattresses in this site are Intex Deluxe, Fox Air Beds, Lightspeed TPU and InstaBed EZ.

These are just three of the countless websites providing good air mattress reviews in the internet. Whatever you choose, all of them surely provide nothing but the truth about air mattresses.