Sleep is an important part of each person’s daily routine. Adults are recommended to have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night, and experts say that given the modern lifestyle, not everyone can achieve proper sleep every night.

Most probably, people are not aware of the benefits of having enough rest at night. The right amount of sleep actually allows the body to function at optimum levels. In addition, sleep also helps increase attractiveness.Everybody knows how sleep helps in energizing the body, but does sleep make you more attractive?

  1. It helps people eat less.

As mentioned earlier, having enough sleep will energize the body.Without proper sleep, the body would require more calories to function well. Studies show that people who lack sleep usually take in 500 calories more than the usual, as the body thinks it would need the extra energy to function well. If not burned, these additional calories will be stored as fat and make a person’s body bloat and build up fat.           

  1. It helps get rid of wrinkles on the skin.

When a person sleeps, the body rejuvenates the skin by making collagen. Collagen prevents skin from having that saggy look. Less sagging of the skin would mean that it would look fuller andreduce the visibility of lines on the skin.

  1. It helps develop a brighter complexion.

The skin gets its healthy glow from a good circulation of blood. Whenever a person sleeps, blood flow to the skin is increased, resulting to that glow that men and women covet. Inadequate sleep will decrease blood flow, making skin look pale and lifeless.

  1. It decreases hair loss.

Enough sleep also helps the hair maintain its strength and reduces breakage. This is due to the increased blood flow, which supplies oxygen and nutrient to the scalp. Whenever a person is deprived of sleep, the lack of blood flow to the scalp will curb the supply of nutrients to hair follicles resulting in breakage, hair loss, and damage.

  1. It makes the eyes look brighter.

Bags under a person’s eyes are the most common signs of lack of sleep. This would contribute to an undesirable and haggard look. Having enough sleep, then, helps with looking more attractive by not having to deal with darker looking eye bags; making a person look fresh and approachable.

  1. It promotes a better disposition.

Lack of sleep increases the cortisol levels in the blood, which is a marker for increased levels of stress. This increase in cortisol will make a person more irritable, causing a person to frown more.Those who have enough sleep will enjoy a happier disposition, smile more, and communicate with others more.The secret to being able to get the right amount of sleep is proper time management. If possible, make a schedule and plan all the things that you have to do throughout the day. Set a time when you would start preparing for bed and stick to that. You will thank yourself after you see the great benefits that a good night’s sleep can bring.